Ann’s Butterfly Garden

Eastern-Tailed Blue

Eastern-Tailed Blue

Butterflies are magical, aren’t they? Age-old symbols of beauty and transformation, they flutter like tiny bits of stained glass through our lives.

I wanted a butterfly garden for many years, and after I moved to Columbia, I created one. All these pictures were taken in my garden.

The pictures you see here have been taken with my digital camera. I have divided them up by family, and the menu bar above will allow you to navigate easily (I hope!). The last section is other cool life forms that enjoy my garden as much as the butterflies and I do. This includes bees, wasps, dragonflies, lizards, and so on. I am amazed by the beauty and variety of life that shows up.

In each section, you’ll see thumbnails and descriptions. Clicking on the thumbnail or its associated link will bring up the full picture.

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